What Makes Rigoré Unique?

It’s All About Sustainability
As a business leader, you know how challenging it is to manage when things inside the company get thrown out of balance. Working with us enables you to look critically at sustainability from an internal perspective – how well are you positioned to lead a healthy enterprise that enhances both the global environment, and the environment within the company as well? Once you’ve determined what “internal sustainability” looks like for you, we’ll help you create a set of customized structures to keep you on track.

We are not bound by a pre-determined regimen.
We customize our work to your needs, and frequently re-think ‘on the spot’ and adapt as the process unfolds — doing whatever we deem necessary to drive success. And we bring an objective perspective, so we are able to keep our eyes on the vitality and direction of the growth program itself.

Our very presence frees you, as the leader, to fully participate in the process.
It’s nearly impossible to both contribute meaningfully to a process and lead it yourself, not to mention the challenge of retaining objectivity that is elusive, especially given you are part of the current way of doing things. For us, leading and guiding your process as a team allows us to bring a broader perspective, since we each bring different backgrounds to our shared philosophies.

We absolutely believe that you, as the client, have the answers.
We create a forum for your answers and brilliance to come to the fore. Via various learned techniques, industry best practices, trained observation, drawing upon deep experience and co-creating the conversations, we are able to extract hidden wisdom that’s already there within the team, just blocked or less obvious. Thus we help the current system become self-resolving. And we focus efforts on the strengths of you and your team, creating sustainable outcomes that continue long past our engagement.

We are committed to real results.
The time, energy, and money you put into growth strategies is an investment in your business and we treat it as such. We are steadfast and fearless when it comes to helping you realize your results.

We are rigorous.
We absolutely ensure that the talk is walked, nothing gets lost, and feet are held to the fire if need be — all in the name of real results and genuine growth. Don’t dare hire us if you think all that is needed is another conversation about what could be done. We are about action, implementation and diligence. And, of course, about having you enjoy your business and thrive.