Even though I conceptually understood the value of planning and business strategy, it wasn’t until we started working with Rigoré that I truly comprehended its importance. The one thing I have continually said is that I wish we would have hired you sooner.

Aaron Fry, Founder, Netsprout

I’ve been in more meetings and team-building sessions that I care to remember. So I can say with confidence that you will be hard pressed to find facilitators as effective in tapping into and drawing out the collective energy and wisdom of a room as Elyse & Catherine. Using their tag-team approach, this duo particularly impressed me with their ability to effortlessly elicit opposing views and keep everyone focused and yet somehow manage to build consensus in the end.

Mike Lin, former management consultant, Accenture


Elyse & Catherine are dynamic and driven, raising the quality bar on outcomes and keeping teams on time, on track, and on purpose.

Julie Chendes, Founder & CEO, Next Level Strategies


You provided focus and motivation — both vital. You were also inspirational and added reassurance.

David McGrane, President, Ozone ADS

Elyse & Catherine regularly present training classes for the Small Business Administration in San Francisco. Their Powerful Presentations and Create an Extra Day in Your Life classes are two of our most popular and well-received seminars. Smart, focused, flexible and engaging, they are great at what they do. The training they present for us is always amazingly on-target, and evaluations from our audience shows that they’re both effective and inspiring for our participants.

Gary Marshall, SBA Business Development Specialist