Our Work

Successful businesses are built on a powerful mix of organic and planned growth. We structure our engagements to tap into your inspiration and create an action plan to implement your vision. When we work with you, together we will create –

A Vision
A company, team, or individual vision can be deeply compelling, or it can simply be words on paper that don’t relate to your day-to-day business reality. Is it time to create a true, authentic vision for your business? Or are you pleased with the vision you have, but unsure how to bring it to life? A vision that is fresh, exciting, and alive is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create success.

We can help you create a compelling vision, one that will give you a clear path for the year (or more) ahead.

An Action Plan
Once your vision is in place, we guide you through an action planning process that keys in on your strengths and specific goals, and includes timelines, accountabilities, and measures.

This working plan provides clarity, focus, and continuity to allow your vision to come to life real time.

Implementation coaching is all about working the Action Plan. During this process, we’ll celebrate successes and work around roadblocks that come up as you set about achieving the growth goals you’ve set. The strength of the implementation process comes in holding your focus real time, as this is often the place when the day-to-day pressures creep back in and can take you off track. And, the implementation continues the conversation around the vitality of the Action Plan, so that it stays fresh and moves you forward.

And to enhance all of this, we also offer –

Over time, we’ve found that leaders and their teams sometimes need skill-building in a particular area to grow the business. To address that, we’ve come up with a number of engaging and results-driven seminars that can be added to the program. Some of our favorites include the Being of Networking, the Entrepreneurial Edge, and Powerful Presentations. And we always enjoy coming up with customized programs for our clients, so let us know if you have any specific training needs.

Team Development
So many times, teams with great talents and excellent intentions are plagued by communication and style differences, not to mention lack of consensus on goals and accountabilities. All of this can lead to a lot of hard work with clumsy progress. Worse yet, it can lead to a loss of energy, creativity, and engagement.

We believe creating powerful results as a team is one of the most satisfying life experiences you can have. We also believe working well as team is a group muscle that can be developed. With our own years of experience managing and leading teams, and our joint training in organizational systems coaching, we are experts at helping your team build that muscle of working together to not only produce terrific results, but have more fun and fulfillment in the process.